The Souss-Massa basin drains an area of 27,000 km2 and is one of the country’s most important hydrological basins. The Souss Massa area has a typical semiarid to arid climate with average rainfall of 200 to 250 mm/y. The basin is characterized by a dense population, 2.56 million people in 2014 census , and is projected to increase to over 3.31 million by 2030. The basin is hosting the most advanced growing areas in the country making it one of the hubs of modern irrigated agricultural areas in the Mediterranean region. The Souss Massa basin has experienced significant agricultural expansion, urbanization and climate pattern modification over the last 3-4 decades, and these are thought to result in significant overexploitation of groundwater resources resulting in decreases in aquifers levels and reduced water supply. Continual decline in water quality from saline intrusion, and anthropogenic pollution from fertilizers and waste water are thought to be major contributors to degradation of water quality in the basin.

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