Project services


Decision Support Tool on farming/Land use/irrigation water management

Type: Product

  • Accurate representation of groundwater processes
  •  Water community’ inclusive
  •  Multi-functionalities: allocation scenarios testing, management simulations, insights communication…
  •  Based mainly on Copernicus products and ML algorithms.

Brine management technologies

Type: Product, approach, Business Model

  • Development of a modular brine treatment and utilization system and provision of design and operational data, like costs and energy consumption
  • Consultancy for the knowledge transfer to other MENA regions

Adapted aquifer agreement

Type: Organizational model

  • Adapted to the pilot area specificities.
  • Inclusive (users, decision makers, NGOs, scientists)
  • Multi-objectives

Nature-Based Solution

Type: Product, approach

  • Modular system with adjustable technologies at farm level to fit treated water quality to the agricultural need

Efficient non-conventional water use in agriculture

Type: Business Model

  • Increase of water yield and availability
  • Reduced cost of the produced m³ of non-conventional water
  • Valorization options of the brine
  • Lower environmental impact

AGREEMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported
by the European Union.