“Innovative Aquifers Governance for Resilient Water Management and Sustainable Ecosystems in Stressed Mediterranean Agricultural Areas”

is an R&I project co-funded under the PRIMA programme section II, for a period of 3 years starting from June 2022. The project is composed of a multidisciplinary team of ten partners from 7 countries Morocco ((UM6P, UIZ), Spain (OBREAL-Global), Germany (TUB, DELTA), France (IAMM, SEMIDE), Tunisia (CERTE), Jordan (GJU) and Italy (IRIDRA). AGREEMED aims to improve the capacities of water actors in developing integrated aquifer management plans and demonstrating such development in strategic pilot areas (watersheds) in the Mediterranean region: Souss-Massa in Morocco, Hammamet in Tunisia, and Jordan Valley in Jordan. The targeted aquifer management plans will contribute to safeguarding groundwater resources, supporting socio-economic growth, and preserving ecosystems in the context of global changes. Transferring scientific knowledge, exchanging successful institutional and technological innovations between partners as well as developing pilot area’s specific solutions are the key pillars of AGREEMed project.

To achieve this main goal,
eight specific objectives have been set:

1 - To deliver up-to-date and accurate scientific knowledge about key groundwater processes and their associated ecosystems in the pilot areas:
Through the comprehensive study of processes interfering with quantity and quality aspects of groundwater (such as seawater intrusion, aquifer recharge, channel transmission…), more accurate estimation of water budget and dependent ecosystems vulnerability will be possible including under global changes. Spatio-temporal monitoring of groundwater balance deficit and pollution dynamics will help in tailoring the solutions portfolio to be suggested, and will help to feed other actions and policies in relation to water governance in the pilot areas while involving all stakeholders (e.g. water authorities, farmers, private sector, etc.).

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AGREEMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported
by the European Union.