Scientific articles

Scientific articles


This study focuses on the Essaouira basin in Morocco, a region with limited hydro-climate data, and explores groundwater level estimation and prediction using the SWAT model, GRACE data, and machine learning techniques. It achieved significant success in predicting groundwater levels, demonstrating potential for application in other data-scarce areas.

This study aims to develop a 3D model of the Chiadma-South aquifer system in Morocco, analyzing its vulnerability, pollution risks, and groundwater recharge, using hydrochemical and isotopic data. It highlights the need for better management and protection strategies, especially in areas with scarce monitoring and pollution control.

This study used the ModSim decision support system to analyze agricultural water usage and demands in Morocco's Souss basin, considering the impact of climate change and increasing water stress. The findings reveal significant unmet water demands and highlight the need for improved management tools to address the challenges of water resources in arid regions like Souss.

The hydrological situation in Morocco's Souss basin, marked by irregular surface water supply and groundwater overexploitation, threatens the region's economic development. A study using the decision support system MODSIM 8.1 was conducted to analyze water balance and promote sustainable water management, revealing the vulnerability of water resources and the need to improve modeling of surface and groundwater interactions.

Jordan struggles with water scarcity due to overuse of groundwater, high demand, and inefficient use, despite efforts like desalination and conservation. Financial and governance challenges complicate these efforts, highlighting the need for a sustainable, comprehensive water management strategy.

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