AgreeMED workshop on "Co-design and feasibility study of NBS system to adapt quality to the use" organized in Tunisia

On 06 March 2023 AGREEMed Team in Tunisia ( CERTE) in collaboration with the AGREEMed team in Italy (IRIDRA) organized a participative workshop on "Co-design and feasibility study of NBS system to adapt quality to the use". 

The workshop was organized in Hammamet Tunisia, and different stakeholders took part in the event such as farmers, The National Environmental Protection Agency ANPE, The Hammamet Environmental Education Association AERE, The Regional Commissioner for Agricultural Development CRDA Nabeul, The  National Sanitation Authority ONAS, The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries UTAP. 

During the workshop, AGREEMed partners made a general presentation on NBSs: what is an NBS. Advantages and disadvantages of adopting NBSs versus the traditional “grey” approach followed by a description of the local situation and challenges concerning water availability/quality/use.  The 3rd session of the workshop concerned the presentation of the  Outcomes of stakeholders meeting held on February 8 and the proposed case studies: -Option 1): large-scale use of mobile Constructed Wetland (CW) coupled with Advance Oxidation Process (AOP) -Option 2): Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) fed with treated effluents to contrast saltwater intrusion and preserve groundwater quality. 

The last session of the day was dedicated to goal setting and identification of the feasibility study based on the proposed options 1) and 2) presented in session 3. 





AGREEMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported
by the European Union.